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Oracle Support

Note: Oracle is not supported in the current open source version of ID.

Installation Instructions
  1. Install ODAC with Xcopy Deployment (Oracle .NET classes and Instant client) in a directory (for example C:\Oracle\ODAC) in the IIS machine
  2. Make sure you update your PATH environment variable according to the ODAC readme.
  3. Copy the DALServicesOracle.cs into the app_code directory
  4. Either add OracleDataAccess.dll by referencing it in Visual Studio or by adding the following line to the web.config
 <add assembly="Oracle.DataAccess, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89B483F429C47342"/>
  1. Configure your Oracle Data Source by adding this line to the web.config
     <add name="OracleTest" connectionString="Data Source=HOST\INSTANCENAME;User Id=scott;Password=tiger;"/>
  1. When you want to use the Oracle connection in the javascript side use the following

  options = { 'URL': '../../../DALService.svc/CallProcedure'
                        , 'DatabaseConnectionParams': {
                            'Engine': 'Oracle'
                            , 'ConnectionStringName': 'OracleTest'
                            , 'Procedure': 'Scott.pcGetCitiesList.spGetCitiesList'
                            , 'TablesCount': 1

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