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WCF service that allows executing SQL Server stored procedures straight from javascript code, enabling sending and receiving structured data without having to program the typical C# / Java middle-tier interfaces. The code also includes a widget development framework.

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Go to the documentation to get help on how to install the framework in your own environment.


  • Executes SQL Server server stored procedures directly from javascript code.
  • Receive parameters and return results in JSON.
  • Includes framework to integrate javascript widgets (Dojo, Ext.js, jQuery , ours or your own)
  • Widgets can derive most of their layout and behavior from database.
  • Multi browser widgets (IE7+, Opera, Chrome, Firefox )


Usually a database centric system is composed of three layers: the database itself, a middle tier layer written in ASP.NET or equivalent and the User Interface. Most of the time a change in any of the layers creates the need to update the 3 layers, which is something we'd like to avoid. With our approach we eliminate the need to synchronize the middle tier.


In addition to execute procedures and receive their results, we introduce a framework to develop modular multibrowser javascript controls called widgets. Each widget has also server side code that formats the results of the stored procedures into widget specific json-structures.

The solution is based on SQL Server 2005, WCF, javascript but the approach could be easily ported to other platforms as well.

Go to the documentation tab to see code samples

System Architecture


Future Work

  • PDF support (see project)
  • Excel support for table-like widgets.
  • Sharepoint webparts support (see project)
  • User Authentication
  • Session Management


Authors: Juan Sagasti / Sebastian Endler / Nicolas Lareu


AustralTek is a US based company dedicated to developing industry solutions in the areas of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Industrial IT.
We utilize state of the art technology to produce tools that help optimizing the different production areas in a plant.
We are specialists in technological upgrades and in the integration of existing systems with superseded platforms, thus obtaining more accurate data and homogenizing plant information flow.

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